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Greyt Greys Rescue Inc. (GGR) is a registered, not-for-profit charity dealing in love and long snoots since 2017. We are completely volunteer-run and passionate about our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds

Our vision: All greyhounds deserve a chance at life.
Our core value: No greyhound left behind, no matter how hard. 

Our actions as an organisation always reflect this.

All our greyhounds are fostered by volunteers in a loving home environment, to prepare them for pet life and to ensure we can assess their needs for their forever home. Our greyhounds are straight from the racing industry, some come to us from pounds and shelters, and occasionally some are privately surrendered to us, having already spent time as pets.

To date, Greyt Greys Rescue (GGR) has forged 355 life-changing bonds between greyhounds and their adoptive families. In 2022 alone, 47 greyhounds found their forever homes through our program.

Reasons to adopt a hound

Greyhounds, long snoots, noodle babies – whatever you call them, are so funny, gentle, loving, quirky and truly unique.  Whether they have had a life of racing or not they are unlike any other dog, they feel deeply and can be quite expressive with their emotions.

They have the softest most velvety ears you’ll ever touch! They are so grateful for their second chance at a real life and will never stop reminding you how grateful they are, making sure you are safe at all times, in the shower, at the loo, cooking tea, watching a movie, whatever the task you will have a trusty companion! 

We believe they deserve to be part of a family and not used and abused for their gangly, silly bodies and speedy zoomies.  Speaking of which, these zoomies often come out of nowhere and with no warning.  The noodle hound will often arise after a 23-hour nap to stretch, flap its ears vigorously before undertaking a serious zoomie noodling, normally complete in a matter of seconds before collapsing back into bed where another nap will be required.

They have the most unique personalities and are real characters. They are a constant source of entertainment and fun.  No household is complete without the laughter and companionship they bring.

They’re big! But don’t let their size fool you, as they are real lap dogs and love to be your snuggle buddy, they love sleep and are incredibly chill. Yes, chasing is in their blood but if you can manage 15mins of fun time they’ll manage 23.45 hours of chill time. 

If you want to make friends in your neighbourhood and across the world, adopt a grey. All the cafe owners will be welcoming because these noodles are calm, not yappy and always attract a crowd of admirers.

They are the most pure creatures to ever fill your couch and love their stuffed animals.  They shove their snoots in the most illogical places and wrap those long lanky limbs around you. Picture cuddling a bag of elbows, with a beautiful set of eyes that looks into your soul and loves you unconditionally.

Their loving eyes and their unconditional love – we feel this from all our fur babies and then there’s love from a grey…it’s next level. Pure loving souls.  They are not a dog… they are a long dog.  They will get their wet snoot and stamp it on your bare skin, and then on your heart.

If you want company of the finest kind, look no further, and as soon as one stares into your eyes, you’re done for, you’ll rush to join the cult.

3 seconds to fall in love and 3 minutes to complete the paperwork, 3 weeks to settle in and 3 months to unwind and realise they’re safe and home.