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When you join our foster family, you’re saving more than just one greyhound – you save the one in your care and open a new spot for another greyhound to be saved by our program! Please fill out our foster application form to get started!

Our foster carers are the backbone and success that is Greyt Greys Rescue Inc. Foster carers play a vital role in supporting a greyhound’s rehabilitation and enable a smooth transition into their new lives and statuses as pets. Some greyhounds walk into a home for the first time as though they’ve always been there – others will require gentleness, patience, training and love.

The duration of foster care can vary greatly. It can be as little as 3 weeks, to as long as 3 or 4 months. Some greyhounds are well adjusted, others might be recovering from racing injuries, have special needs or just take longer to adjust. A foster greyhound will stay in your care until they’re adopted. We run on a dedicated foster network, and rely on big hearts and homes in order to rescue greyhounds and bring them into our program.

Our greyhounds are mostly straight from the racing industry. Some greyhounds come to us from pounds and shelters, and occasionally some are surrendered as pets. Often, though they have never experienced home life. This includes stairs, sliding doors, and appliances — it’s a
whole new world and you are their cheery tour guide!

Fostering is free. We cover any vet bills for your foster dog, ongoing food, accessories: leash, collar, coat, muzzle (we request muzzling in public as the foster dog is not registered in your name/with local council), as well as flea/worming tablets, and ongoing support.

Who can foster? 

Households with a resident greyhound, no cats or small animals and no children under 10 years are ideal foster homes. Alternatively, households without a resident greyhound but where someone is home more often than not (i.e. part time workers or people working from home) also make great foster homes. If you fall outside these criteria, we do sometimes still have greyhounds that may be suitable. Please email