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Does my greyhound have to wear a muzzle?

 All pet greyhounds can go muzzle- free in public once: 

  1. Retired from the sport of racing (including breeding) and are no longer regisatered as racing greyhounds with Greyhound Racing Victoria
  2. Their microchip has been transferred into your name
  3.  You have registered your greyhound with your local council and received your council tag and affixed it to your dog’s collar. Owners, however, may choose to engage in responsible pet ownership and continue to muzzle their greyhounds in public. Every greyhound that we adopt out will come with a wire muzzle. If your greyhound shows signs of excess excitability or agitation around other dogs, e.g. prey drive, we recommend choosing to keep a muzzle on when walking out in public.

Can I let my greyhound off lead in public?  In Victoria, greyhounds must always be leashed in public places (including off-leash dog parks) as per the Domestic (Feral and Nuisance) Animals Act 1994. Off-leash exceptions to this law include: your own backyard, private property or at a slipping track playgroup. Also note that once a greyhound’s prey drive has been triggered and they are running, it is incredibly difficult to break the spell. Greyhounds generally have very poor recall and it is near impossible to catch a greyhound! As they are sighthounds, they have incredibly acute eyesight and a speed to match it. Failure to abide by the law means putting your greyhound at risk of injury or worse, as well as being subject to hefty fines. Council rangers and members of the public are well-versed in the law, if your greyhound is found off-leash you will be fined.

Where should my greyhound sleep?  We highly recommend having a bed in your bedroom, or if not possible, confined to room with baby gate. Your greyhound should always have soft bedding. 

We DO NOT recommend laundry or kitchen sleeping with the door closed, as this creates claustrophobic anxiety and may engage in destructive behaviour e.g. chewing. 

How much do I need to walk my greyhound? Greyhounds are sprinters and as such tire very quickly. In homes with a backyard, greyhounds enjoy a daily short brisk walk  (20-30 minutes) with lots of stops to smell and take in all the sights. 

I’ve heard greyhounds need a special type of collar, why is this? Greyhounds must wear what is known as a Martingale collar. The Martingale dog collar was designed for sighthounds, because their necks are larger than their heads and their ears are small, so they can often slip out of buckle collars. 

How often should I bathe my greyhound? How often you decide to bathe a greyhound depends on how soiled they get. They have very little oil in their skin, which means very little doggy odour. Select a mild, all-natural conditioning shampoo. Oatmeal shampoo (Aloveen) is fantastic for dogs with dandruff or dry skin. Unless a greyhound gets particularly dirty, it will not need bathing very often – certainly not weekly. Washing too often strips the coat of its natural oils, and dries out the coat and the skin.

What is roaching? A favoured houndie sleep preference – upside down like a “roach”. This term is used for hounds who lie on their backs with all four legs in the air. Most greyhounds are champion roachers, which is on par with their snoozing skills.

What are zoomies? When a greyhounds bean counter overflows, they must zoom. Greyhounds are short burst sprinters and zoomies are how they expel their beans. Your hound might race back and forth, in circles or in a crazy-eight pattern.

What does it mean if my greyhound’s teeth are ‘chattering?’ This is a delightful little movement when the lower lip/jaw vibrates at the speed of sound. This is a greyhound’s way of telling you they’re either happy or anticipating something exciting like cuddles, dinner or a walk

What is a Cuddlepillar? Cuddlepillars are famous in the greyhound world! They’re essentially giant plush caterpillar toys that greyhounds love to cuddle and play with. If you’re interested in having your own greyhound experience this phenomenon, one of our very own foster carers and supporters stocks them. Check out Rainy Day Pets to get your greyhound a Cuddlepillar!